These are works of art starring FISH! Fish I say! It doesn’t get much more bizarre than this. READ MORE
My goodness, I just loooove creepy so much =D

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if it’s called an otp why do i have 28 of them

#i don’t have a ship i have an entire fucking navy

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You Aren’t the Same!

He got a haircut, a real job, and a new wardrobe. What a sell-out.


The Real Truman Show

With the evolution of Twitter it seems like celebrities are living in a kind of real world Truman Show, with the most intimate details of their life on display for the world in real time. And they can’t get enough of the attention!


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i’m starting to think that maybe i’m better off not being in a relationship but then there’s also that need to be held by someone and be really close with them

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according to my calculations image

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